Join Us

When your organization joins the Campaign to Stop Gun Violence, you will receive:

  1. Up-to-date information. We will provide you with breaking news about gun violence and legislative alerts when gun-related bills are being considered on Capitol Hill. This information will be included in a regular e-newsletter and periodic email updates.
  2. The tools to take a public stand on a complex issue. As important legislation is being crafted, we—as subject matter experts—will provide campaign members with timely opportunities to impact the process. We will draft sign-on letters, position papers and talking points; organize visits with policy makers; and provide you with action alerts that can easily be forwarded to your members.
  3. Hands-on assistance. Campaign co-chair Christian Heyne will be available to answer any questions, concerns, or suggestions you have at any time. We want to build a long-term relationship not only with your organization, but with the individuals that run it. We believe trust is established through continued dialogue and mutual action.

When you join the Campaign to Stop Gun Violence, we will need you to:

  1. Sign the Campaign's Statement of Principles and agree that your organization can be publicly listed as a member of the Campaign. There will be opportunities as a member of the Campaign to sign on to letters in support of specific legislation, but that will never occur without your express consent.
  2. Assist in distributing timely information about gun violence/gun policy to your members at the grassroots level.

Are you ready to join the Campaign to Stop Gun Violence? If so, please contact Campaign co-chair Christian Heyne today at (202) 408-0061, x. 1010, or!